Clarat Business Interests

  • Evgen

  • Stephen Franklin, having previously developed interesting healthcare products based on licopene derived from tomatoes, was encouraged by his original funders, Enterprise Ventures and Imprimatur Capital, to develop a similar plant based product opportunity. After rigorous analysis he identified a proprietary opportunity to develop bio-actives derived from broccoli. There is substantial clinical evidence, now documented in an independent expert report, that glucorafanin extracted from broccoli is a powerful anti oxidant with efficacy against certain cancers, including prostate cancer. The evidence suggests it can be effective to prevent the onset or development of prostate cancers.

    It has not been economically viable to produce a product from broccoli seeds or similar natural sources. However there have been some recent developments to make the product commercially viable and Evgen has exclusive rights to this new technology, which can either be developed into a fully proven pharmaceutical product or a food supplement.

    Exclusive agreements have been made with the US producer of the chemical entity, and with University of Copenhagen to produce the product via a fermentation process.