Clarat Business Interests

  • Postureplast 

  • Developed by an innovative osteopath, Postureplast is a patented , class 1 medical device which eases back pain and accelerates recovery from lower back pain problems, the single biggest cause of lost work days in UK. By holding the back in a safer, more correct posture, strain is reduced, limiting any further damage and encouraging repair of the soft tissues, leading to a strengthening of the lower back, allowing the patient to return to normal activity levels, at work, at home and in sport. Clinical trials have shown over 70% of patients value the improvement offered by this non-invasive treatment and would like to buy the product.

    The product is especially attractive for nurses, healthcare practitioners, builders, beauticians and all professionals whose work compromises their backs. Active gardeners, sports enthusiasts and pregnant women, who all experience lower back problems, have expressed keen interest in the product.

    Physios, osteopaths and GP's are seen as an important source to recommend the product and a programme has been put in place to inform them of the benefits of the product.

    Postureplast is contract manufactured in UK, and international distribution partners are being identified.

    Postureplast is being sold as a medical device in pharmacies and specialist retailers and online at